We know how much it means to you. We'll help you fall in love all over again. Be amazed by your computer for a second time.
Cantin Brothers is an Apple Authorized Service Provider
Cantin Brothers is an Apple Authorized Service Provider

Your local solution for computer, tablet, smartphone & game console repairs, upgrades & improvements.

241 Brunswick Street in Prince George, BC

Monday–Friday: 9:30am–5:30pm, or by appointment.

We know how much you depend on personal technologies – like laptops, tablets, smartphones & gaming consoles – to keep you connected, productive and entertained. But when they break or malfunction the impacts on you can be immediate and stressful.

That's why you can depend on CANTIN BROTHERS to repair, maintain, upgrade and improve all of the tools that you use to access and enjoy your digital life!

We're the only store in Prince George, BC that's completely dedicated to personal technologies. From Windows PC repairs, to MacBook upgrades, to cracked smartphone and tablet screens, our skilled staff are technology professionals who love solving problems and giving you peace of mind. Cantin Brothers is an Apple Authorized Service Provider.

So bring us your tired, sluggish, cracked, broken or infected piece of personal technology… you may be surprised by just how much more life and performance we can give it! Whatever it needs, we guarantee that we'll explain the issues and solutions to you in "non-geek" (or geek!) language and get you back in action quickly.

Need Parts?

We have a wide range of parts and accessories in stock at all times: from hard drives, to phone chargers, cables and adapters. We'll likely have what you need!

IT Expertise For Everyone!

Leverage the knowledge and experience of our IT specialists and power through your personal technology problems.

Synchronize Your Life!

Ensure that all your files, e-mails, music and more are unified and accessible across all your different devices.